Volunteers Needed!

We are always looking for volunteers to help out at our many community events. If you are looking to help out for a truly worthwhile cause and organization, send us an email to let us know how you might be able to help out.

Bike Regina is a registered non-profit organization and is 100% volunteer-run. Any interested individual is eligible to serve on the Board of Directors. Election of Directors occurs at our Annual General Meeting, held in January of each year.

Current Board of Directors

Angèle Poirier

  • Board member since: 2018
  • Rides: Free Spirit (vintage 10-speed)
  • Favourite thing about biking: It allows for simultaneous transportation, exercise, and introspection.
  • Favourite thing about Regina: It’s in Saskatchewan.
  • Favourite author: Clive Staples Lewis
  • Day job: Researcher
  • Fun fact: She regularly makes 3-ingredient smoothies — water, banana peels, and eggshells — and feeds them to her… worm farm.

Ellen McLaughlin

  • Board member since: 2019
  • Rides: Trek Checkpoint
  • Favourite thing about biking: Leaving my car at home and feeling the wind on my face.
  • Favourite thing about Regina: I love the pockets of communities and cuisine.
  • Favourite food: I’m currently exploring waste free living and cooking; home made soups, pizza, and fresh pasta are a staple in my house.
  • Day job: Transportation Planning Engineer
  • Fun fact: Ellen has been hit by vehicles twice as a pedestrian with no injuries; she has broken her arm three times by tripping while walking. (Alt fun fact that is less depressing (?) Ellen is a big fan of all things tabletop gaming including D&D and classic boardgames. Her current recommendation is a boardgame called Wingspan.

Patrick Belisle

  • Board member since: 2019
  • Rides: Norco Heart, Kona Sutra LTD
  • Favourite thing about biking: keeps me accountable to myself and the environment.
  • Favourite thing about Regina: 91.3 FM CJTR Cummunity Radio – Tune in for Patty’s show “The Record Room” on Thursday’s from 8 -9 PM
  • Favourite food: oh jeeze, umm… pasta
  • Day Job: Engineer
  • Fun fact: Steel is better than aluminum

Brandon Wright

  • Board member since: 2016
  • Rides: Kona Rove AL, Kona Unit, collection of vintage pub beaters
  • Favourite thing about biking: It’s human powered. With all this muscle, it would be a shame not to use it for practical things like transportation.
  • Favourite thing about Regina: The people! Family, friends, and good community vibes.
  • Favourite food: All of them. It’s too hard, I choose mango.
  • Day job: Engineer
  • Fun fact: Some people only know him as “DJ Spacebar”.