How to Lock a Bike


The most effective way to prevent your bike from being stolen is to lock it up in a well-lit area, ideally highly traffic by pedestrians who act as informal security and surveillance. Locking your bike to a bike rack is the best option, however not all bike racks are in good, workable order. Using a sturdy signpost or parking meter is not ideal, but will do in the absence of any official bike racks or bike corrals.

If possible, always lock your bike within eyesight. If there are no bike racks at your workplace our outside your apartment or condo, see if you can store your bike inside your building, especially overnight or for long periods of time.

What kind of lock?

Do not lock your bike with a thin cable lock or padlock. These locks and cables can be cut within seconds using bolt cutters. U-lock type bike locks are the most effective at deterring thieves as they are difficult to cut through.


Always remember to put the lock through the frame and front wheel of your bike, whenever possible. Never lock only the front wheel! Thieves can simply take the front wheel off and strip and sell the parts of the rest of your bike. If you have a quick-release seatpost, take the seat with you when you lock your bike for added theft deterrence.

Other tips

Record the serial number of your bike and register it for free at Project 529. It won’t stop your bike from being stolen but Regina Police are now using this database to return stolen bikes to their rightful owners.

Requesting bike racks

The city is lacking in adequate bike racks, particularly for destination-rich areas like Downtown, Cathedral, and Transitional. The City of Regina does not have a formal bike-rack request or sponsorship program like Edmonton or Calgary. To request more bike racks, contact the City of Regina by using their online request form or call their service line at 306-777-7000. You are also encouraged to contact your local City Councillor to inform him/her that end-trip facilities for cycling in this city may be inadequate.

My bike was just stolen!

We feel your pain! We have all had a bike (or two) stolen from us at some point in the past. Here is what you can do:

Report the theft to Regina Police

Include in the report:

  • Time and place of the bike theft

  • Bike model, serial number, and any other identifiable markings and engravings

  • A description of the bike and any special parts — a photo helps

  • Proof of ownership (sales receipt, for example)

Check Craigslist, Kijiji, and UsedRegina

In some cases, thieves try to sell stolen bikes online. If you find it for sale, you should contact the police immediately.

Tell the cycling community on facebook about your stolen bike! Post a picture of your bike and a brief description of what happened to our facebook page so that hundreds more can keep an eye out for your bike on the streets.

Check back with the Police

You can always follow up with the police to see if they have recovered your bike. If it has been some time and you are feeling lucky, you can make an appointment with Regina Police to visit their bike compound (1200 Toronto Street), where unidentifiable recovered bikes are stored. After a period of time, Regina Police allocate unclaimed bikes to non-profit groups such as community associations and church groups.