About Us

Bike Regina formed in 2009 in response to the City’s request for meaningful input on proposed on-street cycling initiatives. We are an active, involved, experienced and committed group of people trying to raise the profile of cycling in Regina.


We advocate with the City of Regina for better bike policy and better bike infrastructure. We are community stakeholders in the planning process for  Sustainable Infrastructure.

By accommodating for cyclists, the City of Regina will eventually be on par with other major cities in Canada by providing safe spaces for people to ride. It is our hope that the City will continue to seek the input of Bike Regina’s experienced membership throughout the planning processes in order to create the safest, most attractive, and most comfortable cycling network possible.


We believe that proper education of both cyclists and motorists is a key component to a truly bicycle-friendly city. It is our hope that by educating people on how to navigate roads on bikes, we will enable them to ride their bike more and choose healthier options to get around town.

We offer free commuter cycling workshops to help cyclists get more comfortable and competent on their bikes. These workshops discuss how to effectively ride in traffic, hazard avoidance techniques, and basic bike maintenance and bike care.


We offer bike valet services at community events and local festivals. We engage with the public in the conversation of cycling while providing a free and safe place to leave your bike while you enjoy the event.