Curious about what we do and why we do it? We’ve got answers.

What is Bike Regina and what do you want to accomplish?

Bike Regina is a cycling advocacy group that aims to raise the culture of (transportation) cycling in the city. We are a registered non-profit group that is 100% volunteer-run.

To put it simply, our main goal is to get more people on their bikes. Much of the time, this means advocating with the City of Regina for better bike policy and better bike infrastructure on our streets.

Why do people bike? What are the benefits of cycling?

Cycling is good for you, your community, and your wallet.

Good for you:

  • Cycling improves cardiovascular health and lowers risk of obesity and diabetes;

  • Cycling to work and school reduces stress and allows you to connect with your community at street-level, on a human scale;

  • People who bike to work and school report being more alert, attentive, and productive;

  • Cycling provides an added sense of freedom and mobility for most people; and

  • The benefits of cycling do not outweigh the risks;

Good for your community:

  • Every bike on the road means one less car, which reduces congestion and commuting time for motorists;

  • With a lighter frame and smaller space requirements, bikes produce much less wear-and-tear on roads than cars and trucks would normally;

  • Improved health from increased cycling would translate to fewer healthcare costs; and

  • Increased cycling and addition of bike lanes are good for property values and good for local businesses;

Good for your wallet:

  • Anecdotal sources (here and here) claim that the average annual cost to maintain a bicycle is only $300-$400, compared to around $7,500 for the average vehicle not including fuel and maintenance;

  • A more healthy and active lifestyle translates to less out-of-pocket expenses for treatments and prescriptions to combat health issues brought on by an otherwise sedentary lifestyle.