CycleSmart and Smart Routes

CycleSmart and Smart Routes Workshops

Our Education committee is proud to offer to the community CycleSmart and Smart Routes bike commuting workshops.

Workshops are promoted and provided during May and September — Bike Regina’s workshops months. The aim of these workshops is to provide participants with knowledge of rules of the road and basic bike care and maintenance in a classroom and hands-on and on-road setting.

Who might benefit from these workshops?

  • Beginners cyclists who are looking for more experience and practice with riding in traffic; and
  • Experienced cyclists looking to update and sharpen their commuting skills

In 2014, our workshops will be instructed by nationally-certified bike safety instructors who have experience teaching cycling to cyclists of all ages and abilities.

Workshops are free or by donation. As there will be an on-road portion, you are required to bring your bike. Please make sure that you dress comfortably for the weather and that your bike is in road-worthy condition.

 CycleSmart I – Bike Commuting Basics

For those who are “bike-curious” or just starting to commute by bike. Topics discussed include:

  • Rules of the road;
  • Effective bike handling;
  • Communication;
  • Getting comfortable riding with traffic; and
  • Basic bike care and maintenance.

CycleSmart II – Advanced Bike Commuting Skills

For those who are more comfortable and experienced with commuting by bike in traffic. Topics discussed include:

  • Defensive riding;
  • Riding in heavy traffic;
  • Lane and intersection positioning;
  • Hazard and collision avoidance;
  • Safe decision-making; and
  • Advanced bike maintenance and repair.

 Smart Routes – Planning your way to work and play

For those looking to discuss effective trip-planning techniques and brainstorm safe routes for cyclists in the city. Topics discussed include:

  • Characteristics of safe routes and streets;
  • Corridors popular amongst other cyclists; and
  • Route considerations for various trip purposes.

A fun and casual community ride will follow the discussion.

Adult and Kids Learn-to-Ride

For those who are just learning how to ride a bike, or would like to become more confident and comfortable on two wheels.

Courses are coming in 2014!