Jane’s Ride

Since 2012, Bike Regina has hosted and led Jane’s Ride in conjunction with Jane’s Walk festivities in May.

Jane’s Rides are a discussion of bikeability around the downtown and adjacent areas. We invite participants to come on our rides and observe what it is like to travel around the city on bikes, identify challenges, and suggest solutions.

Full Moon Ride

Every month during the week of the full moon, Bike Regina’s sends an open invitation to its membership for a fun bike ride through the downtown and neighbouring areas. Our Full Moon Rides are casual and open to the public and cyclists of all ages and abilities. Rides are usually themed and feature ice cream or some other treat upon the conclusion!

The Full Moon Ride may tie in with special events occurring for that particular month. In September, the ride is part of our Smart Routes workshop.

Past themes for Full Moon Rides include:

  • Full Moooooon Ride, a dairy- and cow-themed jaunt;
  • Constellation and Star Ride, to celebrate the summer solstice; and
  • Noisemaker Ride, with prizes to the noisiest bike.

Lead your own ride!

Members are welcome to suggest and lead their own community bike rides, themed or not. If you have a good idea for a Full Moon Ride, let us know on facebook or send us an email!