Bike Valets coming to a community event near you…!

Bike valets are like coat checks, but for you bike! The service is safe, secure, and free! Donations are always welcome, but not expected. You can leave your bike with us for the duration of the event we are at, and pick it up whenever you want!

How does Bike Valet work?

When you drop off your bike with one of our volunteers, they will tag your bike and give you a claim ticket. When you are ready to go, simply give this ticket back to our volunteers in exchange for your bike. Keep this ticket with you and protect it like it is money or a credit card! If you can’t produce the ticket, we can’t give your bike back to you and we get to keep your bike! [By using our service, you agree that you will leave your bike under the constant supervision of our volunteers. In exchange, we agree that we will not give your bike away to anyone else other than you (or whoever has the matching ticket).]

Where we are

Bike Regina provides bike valet service for a variety of community events in Regina throughout the spring and summer festival season. We have valeted hundreds of bikes and helped just as many people enjoy more active and healthier ways to get to attractions around the city. In 2018, we provided our bike valet service at Bazaart, Canada Day, Summer Bash, Dream Day, and Queen City Marathon.  We are looking to expand our bike valet to many other events in the years ahead.

Host your own Bike Valet!

Are you interested in providing a bike valet for an event you are hosting? We can help!

Our volunteers are always happy to help you make your event — big or small — more bike-friendly and sustainable. Send us an email outlining the details of your event and we will get back to you to discuss logistics.