Focus Areas


Bike Regina is involved with planning work that the City of Regina is currently undertaking. Most prominently, we are community stakeholders in the planning process for the Official Community Plan and Transportation Master Plan, both scheduled to be approved by council by the end of 2013.
UPDATE: The OCP has passed, but as of June 2013, the TMP has not yet. The City has stated they are working to implement some recommendations in the TMP presently anyway.

The OCP and TMP outline the expected growth and transportation system of the City of Regina for the next 25 years. The OCP mentions provisioning and planning for:

  • A city-wide bikeway network
  • Traffic calming and road dieting to create cycle-friendly streets
  • All-season design and maintenance priorities for roads and pathways.

By accommodating for cyclists, the City of Regina will eventually be on par with other major cities in Canada by providing safe spaces for people to ride. It is our hope that the City will continue to seek the input of Bike Regina’s experience membership throughout the planning processes in order to create the safest, most attractive, and most comfortable cycling network possible.


We believe that proper education of both cyclists and motorists is a key component to a truly bicycle-friendly city. Bike Regina will soon be uniquely positioned to be able to provide CANBike-certified instruction on effective commuter cycling skills. It is our hope that by educating people on how to navigate roads on bikes, we will enable them to ride their bike more and choose healthier options to get around town.

It is our hope that Bike Regina can one day be able to partner with the Regina Public School Board to develop bicycle programs where certified bike instruction can be offered to kids who may be interested in riding their bikes to school. We would also be interested in partnering with SGI in their driver education programs to ensure new drivers are aware of how to effectively share the road.

We will be offering free commuter cycling workshops in the months of September and May to help cyclists get more comfortable and competent on their bikes. These workshops discuss how to effectively ride in traffic, hazard avoidance techniques, and basic bike maintenance and bike care. Visit our [workshops page] for more details.

Community Building

Be engaging and being present in our community, we hope to raise the profile of cycling and remind Reginans that we are an active, involved, experienced, and committed group of people. We are present at various community events and functions throughout the summer festival months and provide [bike valet] services as well.

In 2013, we were present at the Cathedral Village Arts Festival, Bazaart, Regina Folk Festival, Cinema Under the Stars, Regina Farmers’ Market, and Market Under the Stars, providing information and expertise to cyclists and the general public.

Visit our Events page for more information regarding what we have done in the past, we are doing now, and what we plan to do in the future to serve the community!