Ward 9

Aiden Wotherspoon
Jason Mancinelli

Aidan Wotherspoon

  1. Cities that develop a strong cycling strategy see escalating ridership and economic, social and environmental benefits. In detail, what does Regina need and what are you ready to support to develop a municipal cycling strategy?

As I have stated elsewhere, Regina needs to become a safe city for bicycles; right now unfortunately it is not. With the exception of the Devonian pathways, it is impossible to commute by bicycle from one area of the city to another. The two bike lanes we currently have downtown are pathetic. What we need is to have major streets like McCarthy Boulevard and Sherwood Drive with dedicated bike lanes. If necessary, I would support bike lane designs that place a physical barrier between the bikes and vehicular traffic. I would also support a plan to expand the Devonian pathway system to make the north eastern part of the city accessible from it via northwest link.

  1. The federal government has already committed to developing a 10-year infrastructure investment plan that will include significant new funding in green infrastructure to create sustainable and livable communities. Knowing the link between infrastructure and ridership, what would do to hasten the construction of local networks of protected bicycle infrastructure?

Given the area of the city I am in, I would start by concentrating on new developments. I will work to make sure that safety for cyclists is built into the structural fabric of Coopertown. I talked elsewhere of my plan to have pedestrian lights and sidewalks on Courtney Street before the new schools open to keep students safe. I would propose an expansion of the Northwest Link pathway at least up to Whelan drive to provide a logical entry point into the new development, and the existing neighbourhood to the east of the road. I would also propose producing a map, to be updated regularly, designed for cyclists that highlight the safest roads and pathways in the city to help commuters map out safe routes to different areas of the city.

  1. Where did you last ride a bicycle, and what do you love most about it?

The last bike ride I did was from a friend’s house by Al Ritchie to my place by McLurg School. I liked the scenery starting at Candy Cane Park and taking the bike paths through Mount Royal up to Hansen Park and taking the scenic route on the North Storm Channel pathway by St. Josphat.

Jason Mancinelli