Ward 1

Barbara Young (Incumbent)

  1. Cities that develop a strong cycling strategy see escalating ridership and economic, social and environmental benefits. In detail, what does Regina need and what are you ready to support to develop a municipal cycling strategy?

The transportation Master Plan has yet to become a public document but it, and Design Regina both have a vision for biking, walking across the city and call for it in greenfield areas. The most recent example is the neighbourhood plan for the South East area just approved by Council, so it is the vision and happening in new neighbourhoods where it can be a part of the original infrastructure.

  1. The federal government has already committed to developing a 10- year infrastructure investment plan that will include significant new funding in green infrastructure to create sustainable and livable communities. Knowing the link between infrastructure and ridership, what would do to hasten the construction of local networks of protected bicycle infrastructure?

My question at budget time will ask about immediate plans, when to expect the transportation plan to come forward and what can we expect in the next 2 years.

  1. Where did you last ride a bicycle, and what do you love most about it?

A big problem according to my biking family members Is connecting existing routes that already exist. I will bring that forward as well.

I no longer ride a bike. As a great grandmother I am a cheering squad for my family.

Robert (Bob) Burnett

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